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League Rules, Information & Policies

♦ HCRP Adult Soccer League Rules

♦ HCRP Standard League Rules

♦ Managers Handbook

♦ Lightning Policy

♦ Pre-Game Inclement Weather Policy

♦ Team Roster Form

♦ 6 v 6 Summer League Rules

Referee Payment Agreement

Each Team is required to pay the Referee(s) cash, on the field, prior to the start of the Game:

Co-Rec League fee:                 $53 per Team for 2 Refs.  $35 per Team for 1 Ref.

Men's Friday League fee:       $53 per Team for 2 Refs.  $35 per Team for 1 Ref.   

Men's Sunday League fee:      $55 per Team for 2 Refs.  $39 per Team for 1 Ref (Sun. games are longer)  

Women's Sunday League fee: $55 per Team for 2 Refs.  $38 per Team for 1 Ref.

HCRP is required to compensate the Refs for all late-cancellations or no-shows.  HCRP reserves the right to penalize Teams (with: a Team fine ($), disqualification from Playoffs, removal from League) for not providing advanced notice.  

*   The League fee provides use of HCRP's asto-turf fields, light use,

     Park Staff support, field maintenance and all HCRP adminstrative expenses.

 *  All Players must be 18 or over, or contact HCRP to request League approval.         

 Adult Soccer Leagues Supervisor:   Patrick McGinnis

                          (410) 313-4716   or

Adult Leagues Manager: Mark Pendleton, (410) 313-4703,

Sports Superintendent:    Allan Harden,     (410) 313-4652,


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